Holiday Parties giving you the Holiday Blues?

With fall officially here and the holiday season looming, it's no surprise to hear the word "Christmas Party" thrown around in the office. And with that comes the stress of catering to a wide array of idea's that co-workers may have. Just look at the ten seasons of "The Office"! There was everything from Moroccan Christmas to Classy Christmas to Tropical Holidays celebrated, often will hilarity ensuing and much stress from the "party planning committee".

Mile East Productions wants to take that stress away. We have the capability and experience in planning holiday events that fit any budget and will make your office "party committee" pleased with the result. From hall rentals to caterers to decor, we're able to cover all bases. As needed, we are pleased to be able to secure entertainment as well. Comedians, musicians and MC's, we have contacts for all these entertainers.

Consider Mile East Productions your one stop contact shop, able to put together your event, no matter what theme your "party planning committee" chooses! ;) Contact us today.

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